Cryptocurrency Regulations in the Marshall Islands Prior to 2024

In the years leading up to 2024, the Marshall Islands took significant strides in the realm of cryptocurrency regulation, positioning itself as a forward-thinking nation in the adoption and regulation of digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Introduction of the National Cryptocurrency: The Sovereign (SOV)

The Marshall Islands enacted legislation to launch its own national cryptocurrency, named the Sovereign (SOV). This digital currency was designed to serve as legal tender for citizens and businesses on the island, circulating alongside the US dollar. The introduction of the SOV was a landmark decision, signifying the nation’s commitment to integrating digital currency into its financial ecosystem. The SOV was scheduled to be introduced through an initial currency offering (ICO), with the plan to provide residents with the means to hold, save, and conduct transactions using the SOV. This initiative demonstrated the Marshall Islands’ ambition to foster innovation in digital finance while providing a legal framework for the operation of its national cryptocurrency​​.

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Act

The Marshall Islands further advanced its legislation for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with the Decentralized Autonomous Organization Act of 2023. This act was recognized as the “most comprehensive law for DAOs globally” and served as a potential blueprint for other nations. The original law recognized DAOs as legal entities without the need for a traditional board of directors, written or paper records, if the records were maintained on the blockchain. Furthermore, it allowed for anonymity among DAO members, except for one person who was required to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) details.

The amended law of 2023 built upon these foundations by providing faster registration times and clarifying that DAOs would not be held responsible for the use of open-source software they created. It also stipulated that most governance tokens were explicitly not securities if they did not confer any economic rights. This clarification was significant in differentiating between the financial gains and the inherent rights associated with governance tokens​​.

Series DAO LLCs

A notable development was the introduction of Series DAO Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in Marshall Islands law. This innovation allowed for the establishment of sub-DAOs within a DAO, each with separate assets and liabilities. The introduction of Series DAO LLCs indicated a sophisticated understanding of the operational needs of DAOs and showcased the Marshall Islands’ commitment to providing a conducive environment for blockchain-based organizational structures​​.


As of the years leading up to 2024, the Marshall Islands emerged as a notable player in the global landscape of cryptocurrency regulation. By introducing its national cryptocurrency, the SOV, and creating a comprehensive legal framework for DAOs, the nation displayed a pioneering approach in embracing the potential of digital currencies and blockchain technology. These legislative advancements positioned the Marshall Islands not only as a facilitator of digital innovation but also as a potential model for other countries looking to regulate and incorporate cryptocurrencies and decentralized organizations into their legal and financial systems.

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