Cryptocurrency Regulation in Chad Prior to 2024

As of the period leading up to 2024, Chad’s approach to cryptocurrency was characterized by a lack of specific legislation or regulation. This absence of formal guidelines created a unique environment for the use and trade of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others in the country.

Legal and Regulatory Status

In Chad, there were no specific laws or regulations directly addressing the legality of cryptocurrencies. This absence of direct legal guidance meant that while residents could technically use and trade cryptocurrencies, they did so without any legal protection or regulatory oversight. Consequently, engaging in cryptocurrency activities was associated with a high level of personal risk​​.

Enforcement and Penalties

Given the lack of specific laws or regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, there were no known penalties or law enforcement mechanisms specifically targeting the use or misuse of cryptocurrencies in Chad. However, general laws against illegal activities, such as fraud, money laundering, or tax evasion, remained applicable to activities involving cryptocurrencies. The absence of legal protection also meant that users had no recourse if they fell victim to scams or other forms of exploitation within the cryptocurrency market​​.

Cryptocurrency Trading and Gambling

Cryptocurrency trading in Chad existed in a legal gray area. It was not explicitly illegal, but neither was it regulated or protected by the government. Individuals engaging in cryptocurrency trading had to be aware of the risks, including potential scams and market volatility. Caution and thorough research were recommended before investing in cryptocurrencies​​.

Cryptocurrency gambling was not explicitly addressed by Chad’s laws, making it technically legal. However, the general legal restrictions and penalties applicable to online gambling could potentially be applied to cryptocurrency gambling as well. Users were advised to be aware of the risks associated with both regular gambling and the additional risks posed by the use of cryptocurrencies​​.

Government Stance and Future Possibilities

As of the period in question, the government of Chad did not provide any specific laws or resources regarding the use of cryptocurrencies. The Central Bank of Chad had not issued any guidelines or warnings about cryptocurrencies, nor was there a government agency overseeing cryptocurrency activities. However, the potential for future regulations or resources was not ruled out, as the global growth of cryptocurrencies might prompt the government to introduce regulatory frameworks​​.

In summary, the legislative landscape for cryptocurrencies in Chad prior to 2024 was defined by a lack of specific regulations, leaving the market largely unregulated and users subject to the risks inherent in an unmonitored environment. This situation highlighted the need for users to exercise a high degree of caution and personal responsibility when dealing with cryptocurrencies in Chad.

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